StatementThe Elephant in The Room

February 25, 2020

John Lewis is a civil rights icon, a living legend, but more importantly a national treasure within United States culture. The work he has done for Black Americans will always always be highly revered; however, the work he has done for human rights is something the nation will always be indebted to.  He will forever be regarded as one of the most honorable men in United States history. His past deeds are pure, untainted, and permanently ingrained within the fabrics of American history.


This is why I approach this race with the utmost respect for Congressman Lewis. He deserves every bit of respect he’s earned. It’s poetic in a sense that a man who’s spent a lifetime of fighting for the liberty and humanity of others is facing his toughest battle yet, cancer. Even as I’m vying for his seat, I stand with him during the biggest fight of his life. Although Congressman Lewis is the opposition, I possess enough empathy and compassion for him as if he were my grandfather. I was always taught to pay respects to elders, for they have sacrificed so much for me and those of my generation.

Congressman Lewis has had a storied career, and has embodied what it means to live. He has carried the torch for as long and as far as he could, but it is time for a changing of the guard.

As we embark on a new journey within a world that is changing rapidly, new challenges await, and there must be one who will rise to the occasion and carry the heavy loads needed to bring the people together but, but also lead them to heights they’ve never seen. It’s time to change the face of congress…  A change for the future, and a change you can count on.


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