StatementThe Spirit of Easter

April 12, 20200

I dedicate this to my grandmothers because who knew that decades later, their little “Scooter” would be delivering some sort of composition on Easter as I did as a kid all throughout my childhood. Only this time, due to the state of the world, I am not in front of a church congregation. Nevertheless, nothing can stop love from being passed on, as you two have taught me. To my beloved besties, I am grateful for thee. 


What a time to be alive! Even though times have never been tougher, and there is so much uncertainty in what tomorrow will bring, there has never been a time to be so optimistic in our futureIn times of crisis, we tend to worry about all that has gone wrong and all that will go wrong, only to end up in a constant state of turmoil and duress, placing our bodies through unbearable amounts of stress. Even though these days we place heavy emphasis on practicing healthy sanitary habits, being constantly enveloped within such stressors can prove to be more costly.  It is therefore important to remain steadfast in a state of gratitude and understanding that there are so many silver linings to bear during a crisis of this magnitude. The unwavering optimism of the human spirit compels us to believe that any obstacle will be overcame, and we must continue to hold onto this notion. 

The Coronavirus has placed a much-needed pause onto all our lives. CO-VID-19 has reemphasized the fragility of life, how precious it is, and how life not meant to be taken for granted. Take this time appreciate all the little things that we fail to recognize daily. Take the time to realize that although we must distance ourselves from one another physically, that will be never be socially distanced. Take the time to love on yourselfgenuinely love yourself. Forgive yourself for all past transgressions, forgive others for all past transgressions against you. Take this time to love on your family and friends. Take this time to embrace the actual time you have in giving attention to things and matters you never had the opportunities to. Essentially, in times of chaos, embrace the peace of stillness.  

Today all over the world people are celebrating Easter, a day of resurrection, rebirth, and restoration. Although celebrations over the world are drastically different today than they have ever been before, the spirit of Easter remains. As we weather the storm of a worldwide pandemic, we shall remain faithful, we shall remain diligent, and we shall remain unified. The coronavirus may take lives, but it will never take our will, our liberty, or even our democracy. As the world changes, we will soon experience our own resurrection when this great pause on the normalcy of life has been lifted. When that day comes, I trust that we all would have done the necessary work in creating a better world to reemerge into, for ourselves, each other, and our loved ones. 



Happy Easter! 


Barrington Martin II 

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