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May 27, 20200

I feel that the government must first acknowledge it’s centuries long and current systematic oppression of Black Americans.

A proper agenda for Black America has to happen in phases because of the near irreparable damages that have occurred to the Black community. I believe the first phase must be swift, immediate, and serve as be the first step by the United States government in repairing centuries full of damages that have occurred and continues to occur today. It would act a gesture of good faith moving forward towards a government that acknowledges it’s wrongdoing but then seeks to remedy it’s faults.  Furthermore,  in my opinion, a simple cash payment reparations aren’t enough and should come at a point in time when this phase has begun doing the job it intends. 

I would propose a 400 year Recompense Act that would seek to close the gap of inequality and inequity among Black/Indigenous Americans  within this country.

Within this act:

    • all of Black/indigenous Americans descent would live tax free/interest free under a sovereignty law that would be passed. This means ALL things purchased will be tax free.
    • All loans would be interest free.
    • All debt would be immediately wiped clean upon the passage of this Act
  • all of Black/indigenous America would now classify as a protected class and crimes against them would result in severe punishments.
  • All HBCU’s would receive maximum funding to regain accreditation status, and the establishment of state of the art facilities which would allow them to compete with PWI’s. Funding would also generate competitive salaries which would attract the best professors from all over the nation. Should Black/indigenous Americans choose to attend a HBCU, their tuition would be free. 

Please tell me your thoughts.

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