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Barrington II

My name is Barrington D. Martin II, and I am running for Congress in Georgia’s 5th district. I am a Special Needs Educator and graduate student at Georgia State University. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA.

I’m here to Change The Face of Congress.

Westside 93’ at Grandma’s

Vote The Dream!

We are embarking on the dawn of a new era within American politics. The United States of America has never experienced such an amount of abundance due to the constant innovation of technology taking place right now. We are on the cusp of a [political] Renaissance similar to those of the past in which sparked centuries of conscious and social advancements within society. This time around, we will set our sights on realizing the dream Martin Luther King, Jr., had for America.

The people who have built this nation from the ground up finally deserve to reap the fruits of centuries worth of labor. As we embark on this new Political Renaissance, we hold the universal truth that the people deserve more. The people deserve true freedom and complete agency to decide their fate. For too long, the government has bailed out corporations and banks and left the people in poverty, homelessness, or worse. It’s a new day in American politics, and a new beginning for the people. It’s time for we, the people of America to #VoteTheDream

So what is the Dream?

The dream is the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in which American’s finally possess a true sense of freedom through economic equity and equality. This dream will finally be realized through a multitude of legislation, beginning with the people’s bailout. I introduce you all to: The People’s Bailout

The People’s Bailout is a two-part piece of legislation that provides Americans with the means to chase their own personal American Dream. It will empower people to live happier, enriching lives. The people’s bailout consists of Universal Healthcare  in conjunction with Universal Guaranteed Income. It is creating real equity for every American, smashing the system’s ability to disenfranchise vulnerable groups. These pieces of legislation passed together would reduce poverty, push back against gentrification, bring millions of dollars into local economies, and economically free all of the people.

We can enable a better life for ALL citizens. The future is not tomorrow; the future is today.



  • End Endless Wars
  • Universal Health Care
  • Universal Guaranteed Income
  • Term Limits
  • Pay Teachers 75k
  • Legalize It
  • Green New Deal
  • Election Integrity

Increase Soldiers’ Pay

About 10% of the military budget currently goes to personnel; we should pay our service
members double.

It would be cheaper to take the money we waste bombing innocent children, creating
terrorists, and instead pay our troops double right here at home to rebuild America.

How do we pay for it?
By ending the process of bombing poor people in the desert, with million-dollar equipment, shot by Americans making less than 45k. Additionally, we would  decrease the amount of terrorists America creates by discontinuing the practice of arming rebels, reducing the cost of war even more.

Our government and a handful of insurance companies have a monopoly as payers in
our healthcare system. This means that profits matter over people to insurance companies.

Decisions on healthcare can hinge on increasing revenue for insurance
companies; instead of providing adequate and affordable care.

Healthcare should be a human right for all, with special incentives for those who already
practice minimal risk behaviors and healthy living practices.

  • Universal Guaranteed Income is an immediate answer to rising inequality, endless war, automation, rapid gentrification, and the first step for reparations.
  • It guarantees a certain amount of money to all citizens within a given area. There is no test required to receive it.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for guaranteed income.  He viewed it as a real starting line for disenfranchised Americans.

We are currently experiencing the damaging effects of a toxic Congress. The tribal and corrupt nature of our Congress guarantees that decisive legislation never passes.

It’s time to challenge all incumbent Congress members who take money from those that poison our democracy.

It’s 2020, and our government is run by those who still possess the ideologies of yesteryear, further stifling the growth we seek to make as a nation.

We need term limits on every elected position and abolish “Lifetime Appointments,” including the Supreme Court.

It’s time to get back to basics and start to refresh our democracy.

We entrust our children and their futures to our teachers. The job they hold is so crucial to our future. That’s why I believe there should be a minimum pay for teachers.

Between the schooling involved and the importance of their role in society, they should be well compensated.

Starting salary should be 75k at a minimum for all teachers K-12 and special education.

People should have agency over their bodies and what they choose to place in their bodies.

The War on Drugs has been nothing more than falsehood, which has done more harm than good.

Therefore marijuana should be legalized and decriminalized.

This would cause a domino effect of positive change, reshape the landscape of our criminal justice system.

Divest From Military Pollution
Our military is one of the largest polluters in the world. Divesting from war and these damaging practices not only gives us a budget for change, practical solution to a real problem.

Sustainable Energy Now
Extensively incorporate renewable energy and create millions of jobs. Invest exclusively in clean, sustainable energy.

High-Speed Rail
We have the money and capability to have high-speed rails expanding coast to coast.

There is so much controversy surrounding the democratic process of voting. For example:

For some states, it is nearly impossible to gain ballot access as an independent due to unreasonable ballot access measures.

For some states, it is the DNC providing old or outdated data to progressive challengers.

For presidential elections, its Superdelegates obstructing the will of the people.

Most importantly, it has become increasingly difficult for U.S. citizens to cast their vote during elections and a much more efficient process is needed within our nation.

I will support the legislation if elected, that would outlaw and abolish all these antiquated, actions from all parties.

GA-05 District Issues

  • Infrastructure
  • Crime
  • Housing and Gentrification

Atlanta is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation.

The city continues to increase at unprecedented rates, yet much of the city’s infrastructure has not met the needs of growth.

Better roads are a must for Atlanta citizens.

Many times there are numerous potholes on the road, making it impossible to avoid damage to
your vehicles daily. For those in struggling communities, an unexpected car repair can cut someone’s paycheck in half.

MARTA must be more efficient.

Future architecture must be designed with clean, efficient, and sustainable energy in mind. Our rail system Marta is underfunded and unhelpful at times.

A more efficient transit system would significantly reduce Atlanta traffic and provide safe
alternative ways to travel efficiently and effectively. Many times it is underserved communities that bear a substantial time cost for the inefficiencies of underfunded public transportation.

With the recent establishment of the “no chase policy” by the Atlanta Police Department, it will
increase the recidivism rates of the same crimes committed by the same criminals.

The police department has placed the burden of protecting and serving on the people affected by the crimes. Handle it yourself is their message to the people.

It irresponsibly puts the people of Atlanta and underserved communities in harm’s way.

It’s unacceptable, and the people of the district deserve better.

Criminal Justice in District 5 needs help.

Booming cities such as Atlanta leads to many economic investments around the city, some good, some only benefiting a handful of the population.

Gentrification leads to many things. It can create positives for a blossoming local economy, but
rapid and unchecked gentrification does have numerous drawbacks.

The gentrification of various Atlanta neighborhoods has led to increased costs of living in these
neighborhoods, which leads to; higher rents, inflated land values, higher taxes, and eventually,
people economically pushed out of their communities.

The effect has led to decreased affordable housing, which leads to less affordable housing
inventory, and an increased number of vacant properties.

It is then that investors come in, buy these empty lots to redevelop into unaffordable houses,
condos, and apartments.

The last change to these areas is to rename them like a piece of newly colonized America.

The gentrification in this city has caused uneven access to capital, while politically and
economically displacing these communities.

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