GA-05 District Issues

  • Infrastructure
  • Crime
  • Housing and Gentrification

Atlanta is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation.

The city continues to increase at unprecedented rates, yet much of the city’s infrastructure has not met the needs of growth.

Better roads are a must for Atlanta citizens.

Many times there are numerous potholes on the road, making it impossible to avoid damage to your vehicles daily. For those in struggling communities, an unexpected car repair can cut someone’s paycheck in half.

MARTA must be more efficient.

Future architecture must be designed with clean, efficient, and sustainable energy in mind. Our rail system Marta is underfunded and unhelpful at times.

A more efficient transit system would significantly reduce Atlanta traffic and provide safealternative ways to travel efficiently and effectively. Many times it is under-served communities that bear a substantial time cost for the inefficiencies of underfunded public transportation.

Criminal Justice in District 5 needs help. The overwhelming crime rate must be drastically decreased but more importantly the city needs better policing.

Booming cities such as Atlanta leads to many economic investments around the city, some good, some only benefiting a handful of the population.

Gentrification leads to many things. It can create positives for a blossoming local economy, but
rapid and unchecked gentrification does have numerous drawbacks.

The gentrification of various Atlanta neighborhoods has led to increased costs of living in these
neighborhoods, which leads to; higher rents, inflated land values, higher taxes, and eventually,
people economically pushed out of their communities.

The effect has led to decreased affordable housing, which leads to less affordable housing
inventory, and an increased number of vacant properties.

It is then that investors come in, buy these empty lots to redevelop into unaffordable houses,
condos, and apartments.

The last change to these areas is to rename them like a piece of newly colonized America.

The gentrification in this city has caused uneven access to capital, while politically and
economically displacing these communities.

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