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UBI Caucus


Marckeith DeJesus
Former Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate

"Loyalty, accountability and perseverance are the characteristics needed to maintain the powerful legacy and leadership that Rep. John Lewis exemplified as the longtime congressman for Congressional District 5. For this reason, I proudly endorse Barrington Martin II for US Representative District 5."

James Knox
Former U.S. Senate Candidate

"I am endorsing Barrington because he had the #Courage to get in the area against a National Treasure. He is a #ServantLeader that will put the needs of the 5th ahead of himself. He is the right person at the right time to continue the fight of our own treasure - Congressman John Lewis! Vote Barrington Martin II to be your voice!"

Jason Hayes
Candidate for GA 49th House District

"I am endorsing Mr. Barrington Martin II as a candidate for Georgia's 5th Congressional District. He is a young progressive who wants to represent this District's best interests. No longer should the American people allow individuals to come into their community to tell them what to do and how to do it. 5th Congressional District, choose a candidate who really has your best interest. Mr. Barrington will make your support and donations work for your District for the future. Donate and Vote Mr. Barrington Martin II for Georgia's 5th Congressional District!"
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Atlanta, Ga
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