• Paget Kagy interview

In his May 8 interview with Los Angeles-based actress and YouTube personality Paget Kagy, Barrington covers a wide range of topics, particularly criminal justice, structural racism, and district-specific issues such as homelessness, poverty, and coronavirus-related unemployment, detailing how a platform of universal healthcare and basic income would benefit communities in Atlanta. He also delves into his decision to challenge incumbent Rep. John Lewis, the need for urgent change in Washington, and how his experience as a special needs teacher informs his politics and policies.

  • The Hill of Roses interview

In his May 7 interview with Jon Munitz of The Hill of Roses podcast, Barrington discusses his decision to challenge incumbent Rep. John Lewis, the pay-to-play nature of United States politics, and his dissatisfaction with the current national dialogue on racial justice. He delves into what his priorities would be as a policymaker, especially in response to the coronavirus crisis, and fields questions from the audience about election funding and congressional pay. He and Jon also get to know one another a little bit and talk sports, music, and their unprecedentedly strong chicken preferences.

  • Black Educated & Broke Interview

In his July 29th appearance on Black Educated & Broke, Barrington dives into a more in depth conversation on his plans to change politics.  He pays his respects Rep. John Lewis, speaks about his his journey through the June 9th primary, gives insight on the September 29th special election, and much more!

  • Nerds for Humanity Interview

In his May 11th appearance on Nerds for Humanity, Barrington dives into why he plans to run against the legendary Civil Rights Icon John Lewis.  He details his plans for the primary, discusses his time as a Special Needs educator, what it’s like to be from his hometown of Atlanta, and much more!

  • 11 Alive Interview

Barrington’s June 5th interview with 11 Alive news!

  • First MoreThanCultr Interview

Barrington sits down with the guys and speaks with them about the upcoming primary, who he is, and what he plans to do for the district and city of Atlanta!

  • Fox 5 Road to November Interview

Barrington’s August 12th interview with Russ Spencer of Fox5!

  • Special Edition (Special Election) MoreThanCultr Interview

Barrington sits down with the guys and speaks with them about the voter suppression that took place for the Democratic Nomination for the 5th Congressional District of Georgia. Barrington also pleads his case as why he is the best choice for the people of Atlanta.

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