• Universal Guaranteed Income
  • Universal Basic Healthcare
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Clean Our Enviroment
  • Women's Rights
  • Immigration Rights
  • Education Reform

Universal Guaranteed Income

Americans are facing more economic uncertainty than ever before. Technology is eliminating jobs in numerous and unexpected industries. With the Coronavirus, it will happen even faster than expected. 

What I am proposing is to provide every American adult with a Universal Guaranteed Income of $1300 a month as a right of citizenship. No strings attached. 

When the topic of automation comes up, the obvious answer seems to be UGI. When it comes to Americans losing their job to robots, UGI seems to be the humane solution. Philippe Van Parijs, a Belgian political philosopher states, UGI, “… is something on which a person can safely count, a material foundation on which a life can firmly rest.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for UGI. Part of his dream was Universal Basic Income. A real starting line for disenfranchised Americans.King argued that low and middle-class people could not be active contributors to a capitalistic economy unless they can obtain jobs that massively increase their purchasing power.

We are approaching a technological renaissance. With the rapid advancement of technology, we will have to rethink what is Human work? What directions do we want to grow as a global society? What limitations do we wish to break together?

What does Dr. King’s vision of universal basic income look like in a world of modern labor?

  •  It provides an immediate answer to rising inequality, endless war, automation, rapid gentrification, and the first step for reparations.
  • Positive effect on depression, suicide rates, and housing. 
  • It would be an immediate response to restorative justice for Indigenous Americans concerning reparations. More than just a check every month. UGI is the first step in a long and essential discussion about reparations. To support true restorative justice in America, UGI is needed. 
  • If money is viewed as “Access Tickets” in a consumer economy, then UGI provides “Access Tickets” for goods and services for all members of the community. It creates an equal starting point for citizens participating with American meritocracy.
  • Through UGI, real equity can be realized; women would possess unprecedented economic freedoms, which would provide an instant boost to the economy and childcare across the nation. 
  • Attacks the core of many issues we have socially and economically. More importantly, it gives us all a stake in OUR country. 

Universal Healthcare 

Our government and a handful of insurance companies have a monopoly as payers in our healthcare system. The Coronavirus has shown the flaws and dysfunction of our current system.  

Americans pay nearly twice as much for healthcare as other high-income countries but to worse results. 

Decisions on healthcare should not hinge on increasing revenue for insurance companies; instead of providing care. Healthcare should be a human right for all, with special incentives for those who already practice minimal risk behaviors and healthy living practices. 

Private insurances and premium services can be provided by the free market through choice and competition. The care our families receive should not be tied to profit and greed.

What I am proposing:

  • Completely cancel medical debt
  • Build more hospitals and clinics
  • Free government option along with substantially low cost option
  •  Increasing production on generic medicines made in the United States.
  •  Free Menstrual & Family Planning Products
  •  More Doctors, Nurses, and CNAs

Better Food Options!

  • Cease Factory Farming of Animals ​
  •  Ban Antibiotics for Growth
  • Void Seed Genetics Patents
  • Ban all GMO foods 
  •  Remove Fluoride from all public water facilities
  •  Decriminalize the collection of Rainwater
  • Break Up Big Agriculture
  •  Ban ALL Synthetic Fertilizer
  •  Humane butchering processes.
  • Mandate all food must be grown organically, no matter the cost.

Student Loan Forgiveness

  • The increase in the price of tuition makes no sense. College does not guarantee a job; it ends up creating diminishing returns on investment for students. This practice is predatory.
  • The current administration, including Betsy Devos, has made it very difficult for people to avoid paying these loans.
  • We must ban the federal government from making a profit off student loans.
  • Those that paid off expensive student loans due despite the hyper-inflated tuition should receive some tax incentive.

So, what is the solution?

A 70% to 100% forgiveness of all student loans based on income, amount of student loan, and amount of years removed from college.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is one of the most crucial Amendments within our bill of rights. Defending yourself and your loved ones is an inalienable right. 

Over time, we’ve seen the militarization of police and increased use of excessive force against the people and peaceful demonstrations. The very people who take an oath to protect and serve the public, have picked up weapons of war and put citizens in the crosshairs. It’s because of this very practice that I believe people should never surrender their 2nd amendment rights. 

Citizens MUST be able to protect themselves against the threat of authoritarian governments and their police forces willing to enact violence against the people.

However, with such liberties comes an extreme responsibility to maintain and increase the safety of the citizens. This is why I advocate for common sense gun laws. This includes extensive background checks, mandatory firearm safety and education for all Americans.  

Legalize Marijuana Now

With half of the 50 states now allowing recreational or medical marijuana, it’s time we all get on the same page. 

Pointless arrests do more harm to society than good in the long run. 

It increases revenue through taxable income and sales tax in our communities.

The United States is already a leader in Marijuana cultivation and research.

Atlanta will be a huge market when cannabis becomes legal. 

I will support the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of my district by fighting for fair market entrance.

Mass incarceration due to decades of unfair policies is one of the biggest blights on America. We must not leave behind the people who were incarcerated for this plant after it becomes legal

Environmental Preservation 

It’s time we start thinking for the future and take the necessary steps in insuring that our children and their children have a sustainable home on our planet. This includes:

  • Divest from Military Pollution

Our military is one of the largest polluters in the world. Divesting from war and these damaging practices not only gives us a budget for change, practical solution to a real problem.

  •  Sustainable Energy

Extensively incorporate renewable energy and create millions of jobs. Invest exclusively in clean, sustainable energy.

  • High-Speed Rail

We have the money and capability to have high-speed rails expanding coast to coast.

  • Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable

Its time Energy companies answered for the continued damage they have wreaked on the environment and public health of those near their damaging practices.

  • End Massive Deforestation Practices

We need a hold on development and deforestation of our lands. Alternating to hemp would significantly reduce carbon footprints and create biodegradable products for future consumption at little to no harm to the environment.

  • Protecting Our Natural Habitats

It’s time to reinvest in the natural beauty of America

Protect Women at all Costs 

  •  Expand WIC

Expand the WIC program for low income and pregnant women.

  •  Abortion Coverage

Safe access to abortions under Universal Healthcare

  • Women for Women

Decisions dealing exclusively with women should involve women and women only. I will fight to establish a special panel for women, by women, that will deal with women’s issues. ​

Women’s reproductive health issues will be strictly decided and handled by women free of political and corporate interest.

  • Family Leave

Three months of paid family leave to all expectant mothers and fathers. I want to place massive importance on rebuilding the family unit. Reliable and robust family units are beneficial to a stable American society.

Immigration Rights

  • The “Fair Shot” Initiative

If a person has proven themselves to be a productive citizen within their own country and free of a criminal record, they deserve a fair shot to become citizens of the United States.

  •  Prosecute Human Rights Violations

Prosecute all human rights violations by federal agents and employers regarding immigrants.

  • Dismantle “Detention Camps”

This practice is cruel, inhumane, and needs to be eradicated immediately.

Education Reform

A One-size-fits-all education, as mandated by the Department of Education, is holding America’s children back. Every child is different. Every community is diverse. One community should not possess better resources and better facilities because of income, all children deserve the same equity and access to all of the essentials needed to gain a quality education.

Education should fit the needs of each child, situation, and teacher. Parents and students can make their own choices. An agency in Washington cannot access the needs of a particular child better than a parent.

Teacher Pay

We entrust our children and their futures to our teachers. The job they hold is so crucial to our future. That’s why I believe there should be a minimum pay for teachers. Between the schooling involved and the importance of their role in society, they should be well compensated.

  • Starting salary should 70,000 at a minimum for all teachers K-12 and special education.

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