• Universal Guaranteed Income
  • Trickle Up Economics
  • Universal Healthcare
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Term Limits
  • Sustainability
  • Election Integrity

Universal Guaranteed Income

Americans are facing more economic uncertainty than ever before. Technology is eliminating jobs in numerous and unexpected industries. With the Coronavirus, it will happen even faster than expected. 

The Freedom Dividend is a proposal to provide every American adult with a Universal Basic Income of $1000 a month as a right of citizenship. No strings attached. 

This radical new proposal may sound like science fiction, but it is actually an old concept that was common political talk during the civil rights era, and is now gaining support by top economists even from across the political isle. 

This universal program would be simple to administer, eliminate poverty as well as grow the middle class. It would protect the most vulnerable people in our society during natural disasters. 

Factories and warehouses will be filled with wall-to-wall robots. Artificial intelligence is already replacing many entry-level white-collar jobs.  

Over 3.5 million Americans drive a truck for a living, and now the trucks drive themselves.

Americans need to have a floor to stand on as they navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing 21st-century economy. 

Trickle Up Economics

Trickle up economics is the opposite of trickle-down. Put money and spending power into the hands of the people, the actual engine of the American economy. 

Every time one of these bailouts happen, the American people end up footing the bill for corporations’ corrupt practices. 

The Coronavirus will have a lasting effect on the American economy, perhaps for decades to come. 

 This Pandemic has shown that corporations will be incentivized to automate many American jobs. Its a question of when not if.

The worst thing for Capitalism is a consumer unable to buy anything. 

We need to be forward-thinking about how we value labor, work, productivity, and even happiness. We need to reward work that values humanity over profit.

We need to stop bailing out corporations and start investing in the genius and innovation of the American Worker.

Universal Healthcare 

Our government and a handful of insurance companies have a monopoly as payers in our healthcare system. The Coronavirus has shown the flaws and dysfunction of our current system.  

Decisions on healthcare should not hinge on increasing revenue for insurance companies; instead of providing care.

Healthcare should be a human right for all, with special incentives for those who already practice minimal risk behaviors and healthy living practices. 

Private insurances and premium services can be provided by the free market through choice and competition. 

The care our families receive should not be tied to profit and greed

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is the most crucial Amendment within our bill of rights. 

Defending yourself and your loved ones is an inalienable right. 

Over time, we’ve seen the militarization of police and increased use of excessive force against the people and peaceful demonstrations. 

The very people who take an oath to protect and serve the public, have picked up weapons of war and put citizens in the crosshair. 

It’s because of this very practice that I believe people should never surrender their 2nd amendment rights. 

Especially the black community.

Black men are disproportionately affected by excessive force.

This is alarming because the government has slowly given police immunity from consequences. 

Therefore, citizens MUST be able to protect themselves against the threat of authoritarian governments and their police forces willing to enact violence against the people.

Legalize Marijuana Now

With half of the 50 states now allowing recreational or medical marijuana, it’s time we all get on the same page. 

Pointless arrests do more harm to society than good in the long run. 

It increases revenue through taxable income and sales tax in our communities.

The United States is already a leader in Marijuana cultivation and research.

Atlanta will be a huge market when cannabis becomes legal. 

I will support the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of my district by fighting for fair market entrance.

Mass incarceration due to decades of unfair policies is one of the biggest blights on America. We must not leave behind the people who were incarcerated for this plant after it becomes legal

Term Limits 

We are currently experiencing the damaging effects of a toxic Congress. The tribal and corrupt nature of our Congress guarantees that decisive legislation rarely benefits the American worker; and instead bail out corporations and billionaires.

It’s time to challenge all incumbents in Congress who take money from those that poison our democracy. 

We need term limits on every elected position and abolish “Lifetime Appointments,” including the Supreme Court.

It’s time to get back to basics and reset our democracy.

Sustainability and Agriculture

I envision a future where our American farmers can meet the demands of their whole state. Not only is this good for local economies, but it creates a relationship with our food. 

Preserve valuable land from development in urban and rural areas.  

Technology and automation in farming have created output that people once thought impossible 50 years ago. 

The economic scorecard is currently centered around what gives the most output and profit at any cost to us and our environment.  

Instead, let us start asking; what varieties are the most nutritious? 

Are my farming practices depleting the soil and causing harmful waste in our water systems and air? 

Let’s bring farmers big and small, scientists, ecologists, food processors, and economists to come up with creative solutions that benefit our health, economy, and ecosystem.

Election Integrity

There is so much controversy surrounding the democratic process of voting. For example:

For some states, it is nearly impossible to gain ballot access as an independent due to unreasonable ballot access measures.

For some states, it is the DNC providing old or outdated data to progressive challengers.

For presidential elections, its Superdelegates obstructing the will of the people.

Most importantly, it has become increasingly difficult for U.S. citizens to cast their vote during elections and a much more efficient process is needed within our nation.

I will support the legislation if elected, that would outlaw and abolish all these antiquated, actions from all parties.

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