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Barrington II

Barrington D. Martin II was born and raised in the great city of Atlanta, GA. Being an Atlanta native, Barrington has seen the changes that the city of Atlanta has undergone, and although he appreciates the progress of the city, he believes that there’s still so much work to be done. Barrington’s youth was regarded with extreme interest of the law. He is an alumni of the Atlanta Bar Summer Internship program where he interned at many of the prestigious firms around Atlanta,  Participating within the program for three years he earned every achievement the program offered.  Upon graduation from Cedar Grove High School, as class president, he was awarded many academic and athletic honors, the Coca-Cola award for excellence in the classroom as well as on the basketball court, and the McDonald’s Ray Kroc award for exhibiting characteristics of citizenship, leadership, scholarship and sportsmanship. He is a graduate of Georgia State University with a BA in Political Science and a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Barrington is a natural born leader, hard-working, and ready to continue the great work that has occurred within the district.

Barrington is the change the people have been waiting for, and the change the people can trust.

Westside 93’ at Grandma’s

Vote The Dream!

We are embarking on the dawn of a new era within American politics. The United States of America has never experienced such an amount of abundance due to the constant innovation of technology taking place right now. We are on the cusp of a [political] Renaissance similar to those of the past in which sparked centuries of conscious and social advancements within society. This time around, we will set our sights on realizing the dream Martin Luther King, Jr., had for America.

The people who have built this nation from the ground up finally deserve to reap the fruits of centuries worth of labor. As we embark on this new Political Renaissance, we hold the universal truth that the people deserve more. The people deserve true freedom and complete agency to decide their fate. For too long, the government has bailed out corporations and banks and left the people in poverty, homelessness, or worse. It’s a new day in American politics, and a new beginning for the people. It’s time for we, the people of America to #VoteTheDream

So what is the Dream?

The dream is the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in which American’s finally possess a true sense of freedom through economic equity and equality. This dream will finally be realized through a multitude of legislation, beginning with the people’s bailout. I introduce you all to: The People’s Bailout

The People’s Bailout is a two-part piece of legislation that provides Americans with the means to chase their own personal American Dream. It will empower people to live happier, enriching lives. The people’s bailout consists of Universal Healthcare  in conjunction with Universal Guaranteed Income. It is creating real equity for every American, smashing the system’s ability to disenfranchise vulnerable groups. These pieces of legislation passed together would reduce poverty, push back against gentrification, bring millions of dollars into local economies, and economically free all of the people.

We can enable a better life for ALL citizens. The future is not tomorrow; the future is today.


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